FAQ: When Is The Best Time To Go Rafting In Bali?

What is the best time to go white water rafting?

If you are less experienced in white water rafting or perhaps looking for a less challenging adventure for your group or family, then July through August are the best months to go rafting. The weather is typically quite warm and dry during this time of year and the water levels are lower.

How much is rafting in Bali?

BMW Rafting Bali Price

Category Publish Price Online Price
Adult (13-60 years old) USD 90 USD 27
Child (9-12 years old) USD 75 USD 25

How dangerous is rafting?

You do have a small chance of being injured on a rafting trip, about 1:558 and a 1:100,000 chance of being a fatality. This means that for the vast majority of people, rafting is simply a great fun adventure. Rafting not just about big white water.

How do you stay warm when rafting?

For rafting in colder weather, we strongly recommend:

  1. Wetsuits, splash jackets, and river shoes (available complimentary at our office); a swimsuit and synthetic layers to wear underneath your wetsuit.
  2. Synthetic layers to wear under your splash jacket, such as fleece that will continue to keep you warm while wet…
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What happens if you fall out white water rafting?

Grab it and then get pulled alongside the raft. If you further away, but are within 75 feet, expect a rescue rope to be thrown to you from the river raft. If this happens, grab the rope and put it over your shoulder. As the rope is pulled in, face away from the whitewater raft and stay on your back.

What is the most dangerous white water rafting?

9 Most Dangerous Whitewater Rapids in the World

  • The Most Dangerous Whitewater Rapids.
  • Victoria Falls—The Zambezi River, Zimbabwe/ Zambia.
  • Upper section— Futaleufú River, Chile.
  • Whirlpool Rapids Gorge—Niagara River, New York.
  • Cherry Creek—Upper Tuolumne, California.
  • The Inga Rapids —Congo River.

Can you die white water rafting?

While this can be a very fun outdoor adventure, white water rafting can also be very dangerous. According to CNN, there are approximately 50 white water deaths a year because many guides fail to follow the proper state regulations. More deaths occur in white water rafting trips that are not guided by a professional.

Is Whitewater rafting scary?

Whitewater rafting can be scary to some. Frightening, daunting, or terrifying even. But after so many whitewater rafting trips, the fear quickly turns into thrill and excitement.

Is rafting safe for non swimmers?

Well the answer, for the safety of the non – swimmer and everyone else on the trip, is unfortunately no. Most river outfitters will not have folks on class 4 or higher rivers or rapids, that cannot swim, it is just not safe. Check out the American River Rafting Guide for more information on rafting and swimming.

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How cold is too cold for white water rafting?

C J Brooks on behalf of the Canadian National Transportation Safety Board found that immersion into water colder than 59 F can cause cold shock, a loss of efficient breathing, and a dramatic decrease in swimming ability within 3-5 minutes.

What clothes to wear for rafting?

Most rafting experts will tell you that cotton clothing has a tendency to get wet and stay wet. That’s why it’s important to wear materials like wool, fleece, polyester, or any waterproof or quick drying fabric.

Can you go white water rafting in winter?

The summer warmth has faded, the snowmelt in the rivers has receded, and most of the whitewater rafting trips have ended. While its easy to consider your rafting season over during these winter months, there are still a few places in America’s west to stay out on the water.

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