Often asked: Where Is Bali Swing In Indonesia?

Where is the swing located in Bali?

Bali Swing is one of the best and most popular swing in Bali, that located in (Jl. Dewi Saraswati, 80352 Bongkasa Pertiwi, Kapubaten Bandung, Bali, Indonesia). It takes 20 minutes drive from Ubud center, and 1,5 hours from Kuta. This attraction opens every day from 8 am up to 5 pm.

How much does Bali swing cost?

Bali Swing Locations

Swing Where Price
Bali Swing Ubud 10 USD entry Park entry + Bali Swing ride + Lunch, 35 USD
Wanagiri Road Selfie Parks Wanagiri 4 USD entry to Selfie Park + giant Bali swing ride 10 USD
Tegelalang Paddy Field Swings Ubud 10 USD per person
Uma Swing Package Ubud 10 USD per person


Is the Bali swing safe?

Yes, it’s safe. The highest swing is secured with a harness while the lower swings are with ropes.

Has anyone fallen off Bali swing?

Bali Swing Most of which do not have adequate safety harnesses and swing over valleys with high drop-offs, some higher than 20-metres. Some swings in Bali don’t actually have any harnesses at all. You may have heard of the unfortunate Bali swing accident in 2018, where a French tourist plunged 15-metres to his death.

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What food is Bali famous for?

10 Best Balinese Food

  • Sate (satay) varieties.
  • Nasi ayam and nasi campur.
  • Bebek and ayam betutu.
  • Babi guling.
  • Tahu and tempeh.
  • Jimbaran seafood.
  • Pepes and tum.
  • Traditional cakes and desserts.

How high is the Bali swing?

Another fun destination is the LeKaja Bali Swing, located in the village of Carang Sari, around 8 km north of Ubud. With a variety of swings to choose from in different levels of heights that range from as much as 10-15 meters above the ground.

What should I avoid in Bali?

7 Things Not To Do In Bali

  • Don’t haggle for 30 minutes at the markets with no intention of buying. Firstly, you will be exhausted.
  • Don’t spend all your time in Kuta.
  • Don’t not see Kuta.
  • Don’t look up when you are walking.
  • Don’t leave your drinks unattended.
  • Don’t just eat Western food.
  • Don’t go for less than one week.

Is Maldives better or Bali?

If adventure on land is on your mind, Bali is for you. On the other hand, the Maldives offers better alternatives for the sea – the Baa Atoll offers amazing snorkelling, diving and underwater expeditions. Watersports in Maldives are better, and there are many places to try them.

Is Bali swing scary?

One of the best and unique part about Bali are these swings. Mostly located around rice terraces the view you get from here is simply spectacular. Also know these are not for kids, these ones are huge and may be scary for some. But they are very safe and crew is very nice and professional.

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Is there a weight limit for Bali swing?

To take part in the activities at Bali Swing, the maximum weight per person is 200 kilos.

What should I wear to Bali swing?

If you’re there for the Instagram photos, then I would recommend wearing bright colors like red or yellow so you pop out from the greenery. I think a maxi skirt or dress would be best so it doesn’t fly up during the swinging.

Is Bali Open Travel?

Bali will not open to foreign tourists until COVID-19 cases decrease significantly, said Sandiago Uno, Bali Tourism and Cultural Economy Minister. He added that they will be waiting for a more conducive situation to open the tourist hotspot again. 22

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