Question: Where Is The Mulia Bali?

What’s the difference between the Mulia and Mulia Resort?

The Mulia guests can enjoy the entire resort facility while the Mulia Resort guests cannot enjoy the Mulia and Villas facilities, so there is an exclusivity by staying at The Mulia, If you need further answers please contact us directly. over a year ago.

Is the Mulia Bali Open?

Mulia Bali & Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta still remain in operation and in the current climate of uncertainty surrounding travel, Mulia understands that Health-Safety-Security (well-being) are the three most important factors and the main emphasis on the Hotel’s new stringent Mulia Safety and Sanitation protocols.

Who owns the Mulia Bali?

The Mulia, Mulia Resort & Villas – Nusa Dua, Bali is owned and operated by PT Mulia Graha Tatalestari.

Where is Nusa Dua Bali?

Nusa Dua is a resort area built in the 1970s in the southern part of Bali, Indonesia,. Known as an enclave of large five-star resorts, it covers 350 hectares of land and encloses more than 20 resorts. It is located 22 kilometers from Denpasar, the provincial capital of Bali, and administered under Kuta South District.

Where should stay in Bali?


  • Ubud, the best place to sleep in Bali and get around the island.
  • Kuta and Legian, one of the most popular areas to stay in Bali.
  • Seminyak, the best neighborhood in Bali to stay in.
  • Canggu, one of the best places to stay in Bali.
  • Jimbaran, where to find some of the best hotels in Bali.
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How many days are enough in Bali?

To really enjoy your holiday in Bali you would need to spend at least 6-10 days as 3-4 days is more like business trip can’t do much.

Is Nusa Dua expensive?

While there are a handful of homestays and budget rentals, Nusa Dua is notoriously the most expensive area in all of Bali, with prices that easily rival other expensive tropical destinations like Hawaii or Tahiti.

Can you swim in Nusa Dua beach?

Nusa Dua Beach This beach is suitable for swimming, as the waters near the beach are calm and peaceful, and hence are very swim and snorkel friendly.

Is Nusa Dua a good place to stay in Bali?

It has it’s pro’s and con’s (as do most things), but it’s perfect for a Bali family holiday or romantic getaway. Nusa Dua is only about 30 minutes from Kuta but the two are worlds apart. Nusa Dua is quiet and secluded. It is predominantly luxury hotels, beaches, and a small shopping center.

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