Quick Answer: What Happens In The End Of Chokher Bali?

Is Chokher Bali real story?

Chokher Bali (Bengali: চোখের বালি) ( lit. sand in the eye, fig. constant irritant) is a 2003 Indian Bengali language drama film based on the 1903 novel Chokher Bali by Rabindranath Tagore.

Who is Bihari in Chokher Bali?

The plot revolves around four protagonists- Mahendra, Ashalata, Binodini and Bihari. Mahendra is the only scion of a rich family based in Calcutta. Bihari is his childhood friend, who frequents his house. Mahendra’s mother wanted him to marry Binodini, her friend’s daughter.

Where was chokher shot?

Out of the many films that were shot in Rajbari, my room – “ Chokher Bali ” occupies the pride of place with the beautiful Aishwarya Rai’s pictures hanging on the walls.

When was Chokher Bali written?

Chokher Bali (novel)

Author Rabindranath Tagore
Language Bengali
Genre Novel
Published Serialised 1902-03 Book form 1903
Published in English 1959

Does binodini marry Behari?

Binodini was married off to a distant cousin of Mahendra’s to honour a wedding for which all preparations had been made. She was widowed shortly after the wedding, leaving her to the arid life of a widow in those days. Mahendra ended up marrying Ashalatha, to whom his aunt Annapurna had proposed for Bihari.

What is the moral of Chokher Bali?

The novel explores the extramarital affair between Binodini and Mahendra, her friendship with Asha, and her real feelings for Bihari, Mahindra’s friend. Tagore presents the complexity and fragility of human relationships through psychological inter-play, but most importantly presents.

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Which magazine was edited by Tagore?

In 1901, a “new” Bangadarshan was published by Saileshchandra Majumdar, with Rabindranath Tagore as its editor.

Is Aishwarya Rai Bengali?

The veteran actress is Bengali, so she naturally knows the language, while Aishwarya had worked with Rituda (the late Rituparno Ghosh) in Chokher Bali and is quite fluent as well.

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